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I assume this problem is with the iframes?

Well, not my eye-frames... but if that's what these charming windows on the
sources are called, then, yes.

Anyway, this could well be added as a feature to the other fop-dev pages, if
you ask me.


Thanks for the vote of confidence. I agree with you entirely, which may not come as a surprise to you. I used XEmacs to generate the html, but there is a better way. When I was working on it, Nicola Ken Barozzi was trying to integrate the SourceForge Javasrc project into Alexandria, but it was stalled due to licensing issues.

I think that has since been resolved, and Javasrc is available. There was some talk about providing it for the automatic generation of the codebase in html. The nice thing about Javasrc is that it provides targets for just about everything in the source files. Combining such a html codebase with documentation, such as is done in alt-design is a powerful way to document code. As long as the references into the code remain valid, the documentation is automatically updates with the latest version of the source. If the source changes too much, the links break, and Forrest output could be used to flag such breakages.

Not having been there for a while, I'm not sure if there are new facilities in Forrest that mean I can re-organize the documentation.

The other issues I had were, as you have noted, browser-related. I went for DOM support, but even so, I found that IE and Mozilla/Netscape differed in significant ways. I even found that the behaviour of Mozilla differed between linux and windows. Such issues should gradually clear up.

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