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> A friend was watching over my shoulder as I was responding to an earlier
> message on fop-dev.  "HashMaps... I won't say what image that conjures
> up for me."  "Well?"  "A map of where you have the stash."
> I never thought of it that way.

Well, ask him what a HashAttributeSet conjures up for him, and he might just
pull one right out of his office-drawer :)

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> The Globe and Mail (http://www.globeandmail.com/) stated that
> Ontario produces more weed than the entire population could
> possibly smoke.

Depends on what portions you're used to, not? ;)  I'd never trust public
media though, when it comes to providing us with an accurate estimate of
this figure... many would have us believe that the DRD is 0.0 --sigh. When
is anyone going to realize the trouble is (practically) never the
*buyers/consumers*, even less so the *makers/producers*. Problem is always,
as with most goods, the *sellers/distributors* :) An _honest_ salesman?



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