On 21.01.2004 15:34:15 Glen Mazza wrote:
> --- "Peter B. West" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > It seems to me that a major motivation for writing
> > OSS is precisely the 
> > recognition.  When alt-design is completed, I will
> > probably have written 
> > the bulk of it, as well as designing it, and I have
> > no intention of 
> > removing my @author tags.   Why should they be
> > removed in favour of a 
> > mailing-list address?
> > 
> Of course they shouldn't.

Clearly, my English is worse than I thought. I thought I said that
credits, after removeing them from the code, go on our website along
with a description what a contributor has done for the project. A
concentrated hall of fame will allow much better visibility of the
contributions to the project. If you leave author tags in the code you
have to explicitly search for them or by chance stumble upon them.

I have absolutely no intention to lessen anyone's contribution to this
project. On the contrary, with my proposal I intended improve the
visibility of any contribution.

There's another point. Within the ASF a group of people is legally
concerned about the attributions in code as they could be exploited by
lawyers. It's an unlikely event but the cencerns are there. The ASF
simply wants to protect every contributor from lawsuits. Sometimes that
means that certain habits need to be avoided.

> In my work, I always try to
> recognize those people taking FOP to the
> dance--something, IMHO, that Jeremias needs to be
> better focused on--

Please explain what I've done wrong. I know I forgot to add the
"Submitted By" comment in a CVS commit message once or twice but I
always added that comment into the changes files.

> and put them on a pedestal, making
> sure that they're being properly honored.  You are
> certainly one of them and your credits should not be
> removed.
> I also disagree on having the team page be watered
> down to that of a phone book where anyone "on demand"
> gets listed on it.

By "on demand" I don't mean that anyone simply can request to be put
there. I simply try to include the case where we forget someone. Please
don't interpret any bad intents into my proposal.

Jeremias Maerki

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