> Clearly, my English is worse than I thought. I thought I said that
> credits, after removeing them from the code, go on our website along
> with a description what a contributor has done for the project. A
> concentrated hall of fame will allow much better visibility of the
> contributions to the project.

Actually - that is almost nicer than a change file - and easier to also
list doc's people, debuggers, qua, valueble feedback fols and people
reporting things like bugs and holes.

Would it be possible to do something clever; i.e. drive a changes file or
the web site from the other; so that it stays 'up to date' easily.

> By "on demand" I don't mean that anyone simply can request to be put
> there. I simply try to include the case where we forget someone. Please
> don't interpret any bad intents into my proposal.

With respect to that as always, each individual has aheafty '-1's.  Use
them if needed and you honestly a) feel something is going bandly wrong
and b) you are commited to resolve it. I know it is a big stick - but it
can be useful for balance.


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