On 25.01.2004 12:46:08 Thomas DeWeese wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Damn, you're right. I wonder why we haven't made use of this, yet. BTW,
> > is this code from JAI (like the classes Oleg Tkachenko uses in his TIFF
> > renderer) or is this separately developed code (ASF origin)?
>     This was contributed by Sun and is I believe the code came
> from JAI (great group of guys).  There have been some bug
> fixes/improvements since then but it is basically that code.
> > You know that there's a number of people who would actually be
> > interested in creating/having a BSD-style image (codec) library? 
>    Sure, but given imageio does it make sense to put a lot of
> effort into an independent codec library?  If I were going to
> create a codec library I would create one that plugged into
> image-io.

I agree that the codec library should plug into ImageIO, but this API
is only available since JDK 1.4. I'm sure that if there's enough
interest in supporting the image library under pre-1.4 JDKs there will
be contributions to make that happen. No need to lose too much time if
it's not needed at first.

> > I think that should be one of the packages that should be separated 
> > out, when FOP and Batik get closer together.
>     This probably makes sense.

I will probably have some time next month to write a proposal on how our
two projects can move closer together to make the code sharing happen.

Jeremias Maerki

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