Glen Mazza wrote:

(Resending to FOP-DEV list...)

Please take a look at my most recent changes
today--comments welcome.

In short, for the images package, as well as for
transcoder work, I don't care much about the UA
anymore. I switched the signatures in question to
just request a logger instead, because that is the
only thing the image package's methods are doing with
FOUserAgent parameter anyway.

Ok, I knew that it only used it for logging, and only for problems at that, otherwise I wouldn't have tried passing in null.

(Your package creates a temporary ConsoleLogger instead of passing in NULL--but I think I should update the package to be able to handle a NULL parameter by not logging
anything at all. Comments again welcome.)

Well I think it is probably bad ignore the things it is setup to log. Does the logging stuff have a sort of default 'err' Console logger? You could have it use that if the one passed in is 'null'.

There's a few more trivial FOUserAgent->Logger
conversions needed in the images package, but I'm
awaiting more comments before proceeding.

We can discuss the other issue in your original email
after this one.

Where the load call is made is probably less important, part of it was that I didn't know what conventions (if any) existed for calling it. My preference is for these sorts of things to take care of themselves - so the FopPDFImage seemed ideal -it could call it before methods that were likely to need the sort of information it loads.

Thanks, Glen

--- Thomas DeWeese <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Glen Mazza wrote:

Applied, thanks!

Thanks Glen, any comments on my comments? In particular how to get the UA?

Hi all,

I've attached a patch for the PDF Transcoder
that Batik uses.

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