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> I have seen this problem too. The PDF renderer is able to render out
> of order, but from this bug it seems that the mechanism is
> broken. Could it be that the page is inserted at the point when all
> its forward references are resolved? At that point it is rendered, but
> the PDF renderer should insert it at the proper position. That does
> not seem to happen.

When debugging the output using the AreaTree XML, the pages are in the
proper sequence in there (only, outside of their page-sequences?*), so
fo:page-number works as expected, correct values on the correct
pages --only, the sequence gets screwed up when rendered to PDF.

* I wonder if this is in some way related to the memory problems I ran into.
Since 0.20.5 doesn't produce page-sequences in the AreaTree XML, and
performs the PDF rendering without problems.



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