Glen Mazza wrote:

They're currently voting on the Cocoon side[1] to set
1.4 as the minimum JDK for their next 2.2 release.  So
far it looks good for approval.

I'm not so sure it does, look at the 3rd mail in the thread:

and this sparks off a debate about how many users still require 1.3, etc.

This would be good news for us, as it would remove one of the major risks (incompatibility with Cocoon) involved with adopting 1.4 on our side.

I know Ive moaned about this in the past, but I'm concerned that upgrading FOP to JDK 1.4 will make FOP unavailable to x% of the potential users. Now if x% is a significant figure then FOP becomes in danger of failing in a manner similar to xmlroff.

I hope Tony Graham and any one else out there whos using xmlroff doesnt take offence at me saying this, but Ive been following the xmlroff project, and there seems to about 1 mail/month on their user list. I believe this is because xmlroff is unavailable to a significant % of the potential user base, i.e. it doesnt run on windows. I can tell you now if it did run on windows our company would be using it, and possibly contributing towards it.

Anyway, my point is simply that if x% is significant then we should hold off on this, and I will vote -1. However, if x% is very small then i'll vote +0. So before making a decision I propose we do some research to find out what x% is?! Which is the conclusion that cocoon-dev appear to come to, in the discussion thread above.


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