Le Mercredi, 3 mars 2004, à 10:27 Europe/Zurich, Chris Bowditch a écrit :

Glen Mazza wrote:

They're currently voting on the Cocoon side[1] to set
1.4 as the minimum JDK for their next 2.2 release.  So
far it looks good for approval.

I'm not so sure it does, look at the 3rd mail in the thread:


and this sparks off a debate about how many users still require 1.3, etc....

You're right, this is only being discussed at the moment.

And if the switch to 1.4 happens, it will only be (AFAIK) with the Cocoon 2.2 release, for which there is not set date at the moment.

Also, there is a push to keep the requirement at 1.3 for the Cocoon core, leaving blocks free to require either 1.3 or 1.4.

So it might be better not to let this influence the FOP decision.


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