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That is, I would turn allow the namespace-prefixes
feature to remain in its default 'false' state, but make sure the parser
is namespace aware. I don't know that there is any reason for us to
collect prefixes,

This is somewhat outside my knowledge, but one
difference, I believe, between HEAD and Alt-Design is
the former's ability to have user-configured, run-time
add-in element mappings.  (I think we have one for
MathML and another one for something else in our
examples.)  Given that, could that be HEAD's reason
for needing to collect prefixes?

I don't think so. Prefixes are a shorthand convenience - they must be supported by underlying full namespaces. Prefixes are unstable, in that the same3 prefix can signify completely different namespaces at different points in the file, IIUC.

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