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 What I ask on reading this code is why you're using
 at all? SAXParserFactory is a Sun class they
 invented to fill a hole
 in SAX 1.0. It's unnecessary in SAX 2.0. SAX2 apps
 should use
 XMLReaderFactory instead, which has the correct
 defaults you want in
 the first place. It would look something like this:

Mr. Harold,

Pardon my ignorance here--but do the Xalan libraries
that ship with the 1.4 JDK handle SAX 2.0?

Yes, they absolutely do. If you're using namespaces, XMLReader, ContentHandler, and so forth (and you really have to be for XSL) then you are already using SAX 2.

 The Xalan
home page [1] is ambiguous on their support of it, and
I'm concerned if there would be compatability problems
if we were to use it.

I'm not quite sure what you're seeing on that page that concerns you, but I don't see anything there that should prevent you from using XMLReaderFactory.

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