--- Elliotte Rusty Harold <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> What I ask on reading this code is why you're using
> SAXParserFactory 
> at all? SAXParserFactory is a Sun class they
> invented to fill a hole 
> in SAX 1.0. It's unnecessary in SAX 2.0. SAX2 apps
> should use 
> XMLReaderFactory instead, which has the correct
> defaults you want in 
> the first place. It would look something like this:

Mr. Harold,

Pardon my ignorance here--but do the Xalan libraries
that ship with the 1.4 JDK handle SAX 2.0?  The Xalan
home page [1] is ambiguous on their support of it, and
I'm concerned if there would be compatability problems
if we were to use it.


[1] http://xml.apache.org/xalan-j/index.html

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