Am Do, den 25.03.2004 schrieb Glen Mazza um 22:38:
> Ich bin confused--ist chz ([EMAIL PROTECTED])--Christian
> Geisert oder anderer Christian?  The bugzilla entry
> lists chz as being "Christian Z", so I'm not sure whom
> I'm speaking with!  

Christian Ziesemer
ch        z

I adjusted that.

> If the language has no space (Japanese, or Thai I
> guess) then this particular portion, of whitespace
> removal is not relevant I would guess--I think
> dictionaries are needed for hyphenation, not space
> removal, no?

I don't know the whole context the FOText class is used, so if it's only
used for space removal -- then of course you've nothing to do in Thai
and therefore limited use for changing. :-)

Christian Z.

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