I'd like us to go ahead and make Simon Pepping our
newest FOP team member.  He has provided steady ML
help and numerous patch contributions for the past few
months, and with the many layout patches that have
been coming in recently, we could certainly use his
continued help on our team.


Link [1] shows all of Simon's mailing list
contributions since November of last year.

Link [2] shows all the patches he has given us for
layout, as well as helpful comments given to Finn on
his properties work.

Link [3] is his endorsement from Web Maestro, who
declared him "the Bomb".

Link [4] is to the hyphenations patterns for French
and German, which he is kindly hosting for us on his
personal web site pending licensing issues.

Link [5] is to his published notes of the FOP system,
showing he has thoroughly researched and is well
versed with the FOP system.

Here's my +1.



[2] (feel free to copy and paste this URL ;)




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