For some reason interface Log (common to all the logging types) does not have a "setLevel()"--somehow I think that was intentional, however. After all, should FOP actually be setting the logging level? For *embedded use*, that is done by the user--they choose the logger and the level they desire, and feed it to FOP via Driver.setLogger(). I'm not sure FOP should be altering that level, because that logger could be used for many other things in the user's application. If there's messages they don't receive that they actually want, they should adjust the logger on their end accordingly. (OTOH, for command-line usage, this may be another story.)


Peter B. West wrote:


I noticed that, but it seems to rather defeat the purpose of having a common wrapper in the first place. It means that at various points in my code, I have to drop out and start looking at the particular implementation. I suppose it is still an advantage, in that *most* of the code will still be able to log using common calls, but it is not tidy.


Glen Mazza wrote:

There appears a getLogger() that will take you to the native java.util.logging instance:

From there, you should be able to call the native setLevel() of the 1.4 logger:

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