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Hi Chris,

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> This makes sense - what effect would you expect width on table
> cell to have? I maybe missing something, but the width is
> derived from table column and cant be overridden for a single cell.

Indeed, but the columns can be absent in the source FO. In which case
they're actually to be considered present, and their widths are determined
by the cells in the first row (--or, but I didn't dare consider that
possibility just yet, in case of auto-layout, by the cell 'in' that column
that has the content with the largest width).

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> On the whole a very well thought out idea. I dont want you to think I'm
> discouraging you. You have answered my initial concerns, so why
> dont you go ahead and make the changes locally and then create a patch for
> review. It will be easier to discuss pros/cons in more depth by looking at
the patch file.

That was what I meant by 'Now, back to work' :)
IOW: expect a patch-proposal for this one of the coming days...



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