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> Indeed, but the columns can be absent in the source FO. In which case
> they're actually to be considered present, and their widths are 
> by the cells in the first row (--or, but I didn't dare consider that
> possibility just yet, in case of auto-layout, by the cell 'in' that 
> that has the content with the largest width).

As far as I understand the spec, table-column elements with a column-width
property are mandatory for tables with fixed table layout.

>From the spec: 7.26.9.:
The "column-width" property must be specified for every column, unless
the automatic table layout is used.

To me, this means not only that column-width is mandatory in fixed-layout 
table-column elements exist, but also that a table-column needs to exist 
each column. Since they don't talk about a derived trait, but
of a column-width property that also isn't inherited, I can only conclude 
"must be specified for every column" means:

1. In fixed-layout, there MUST be a table-column element for each column.


2. In fixed-layout, the column-width property must be set in all 
table-column elements.

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