Hi Peter!

> Do any of the list denizens have experience with Java font handling and 
> 2D text layout?  I'm new to it, and would like to be able to bounce 
> questions off someone further up the food chain, on or off-line.

The typesetting is done Font.layoutGlyphVector and
java.awt.font.GlyphVector.performDefaultLayout. Currently TrueType is
supported and therefore the philosophy 'do everything within the font'.
This makes the Java API very hard to extend and not very modular. Cause
OpenType follows the philosophy 'do as much of the typesetting within
the application' it's hard to support both the same time. There are
typesetting issues which are font dependent and some which are not.

My advice: Use UTA and provide a wrapper around the Java font class in
form of a Script [1]. ;-)

Christian Ziesemer


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