Simon Pepping wrote:

> I changed the constructor call as well. I changed the logger calls
> from getLogger() to log. log is a member of
> AbstractLayoutManager. These are changes applied by Glen, and
> apparently Luca made his diff before they were applied.

Yes; more exactly, I forgot to apply these changes to the code I was
already working on.
To avoid this kind of problems, I will try to keep my code updated.

> I am not surprised that your complex document did not run well. If I
> understand the situation well, then the patch works for LineLM with
> TextLM childLMs. It does not work with any other childLM. I expect the
> other childLMs to use the null implementation of getNextKnuthElement()
> and therefore to contribute no areas.

You are completely right; by the way, what other child LMs could the LLM

> I do not believe that the patch is mature for committing to the trunk
> code. See above. Luca, do you share my view?

Completely: I submitted the patch to get a first feedback, comments,
suggestions ...

I thank all that spent some time looking at it and testing it, and I
apologize if I have not been able to clearly explain what my aim was.

I'll work on this patch for some more time, and I'll let you know of the


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