Chris Bowditch wrote:

> Here is the stack trace, which is the same for both documents:
> [...]
> Any thoughts would be appreciated.

JThe method startParagraphs dereferences only knuthParagraphs and
textIndent, so maybe there is a missing line concerning their initialization.

KnuthParagraphs (the ArrayList whose item are the different
linefeed-separated paragraphs) is initialized just before calling

  // it's the first time this method is called
  knuthParagraphs = new ArrayList(); /* here it is */
  breakpoints = new ArrayList();

  // convert all the text in a sequence of paragraphs made
  // of KnuthBox, KnuthGlue and KnuthPenalty objects
  Paragraph knuthPar = new Paragraph();

While textIndent is initialized in the TLM constructor (but this was already
in the code, it's not a change of mine):

  bTextAlignmentLast = blockProps.textAlignLast;
  textIndent = blockProps.firstIndent; /* here it is */
  hyphProps = propMgr.getHyphenationProps();

I hope this can help you; thanks for testing my patch.


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