On Jun 11, 2004, at 1:02 PM, Glen Mazza wrote:
I think you *have* to use publish--(IIRC auto
refreshing will work only for what you *manually*
place in CVS xml-site CVS)  Don't worry, go ahead and
press the "publish" button--the Forrestbot web
interface is a lot more robust than it looks!

That's what 'scares' me! Anyway, i tried logging in & got the error, then remembered the login & pw for it. Being the chief nitpicker has its advantages! :-p

Doing a 'refresh' (to pick up Jeremy's birth-year) which will be followed by a publish as soon as its confirmed...

After publishing, you will need to wait up to 6 hours
before the site moves to production.  (It updates
after a publish 4 times per day IIRC.)  Also, anytime
after publishing, go ahead and update the xml-site CVS
with the previous breadcrumb.js file.  You have karma
on xml-site also.

Just to ensure I've got the right command, assuming the newest (munged) version of breadcrumbs.js is 1.13, I would use the following command command to revert:

cvs update -j 1.13 -j 1.12 breadcrumbs.js

I just checked, and it still shows the revision line as:

/* $Id: breadcrumbs.js,v 1.12 2004/04/11 22:33:01 gmazza Exp $ */

Therefore I'm assuming that when Forrestbot munges the file it will update to revision 1.13 2004/06/11 (I'll check first!)... Unfortunately, since it looks OK now, we'll have to wait 'til *after* we see it LIVE.

[BTW, you forgot to add Jeremy's birthyear to your
bio--no big deal, but you might be getting
congratulatory emails/demands for cigars every late
June! ;)]


As long as they're of the chewing gum variety, bring 'em on! I don't smoke! Blech! BTW, I appended the year to it (don't know if it made it into the Forrestbot 'publish' but it should've!)...

--- Clay Leeds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I made my 1st CVS *commit* via SSH last night--team.xml--as a test (the de facto initiation? ;-)), but don't recall how to push it LIVE (thought it would be LIVE this a.m. w the 6-hour Forrestbot 'refresh'). I hesitate to do use the Forrestbot Web Interface 'til I'm clearer about its use. Also, the temp version of team.html[2] shows the dreaded breadcrumb.js error. Can someone clue me in on when to use Forrestbot 'publish' as opposed to allowing the auto Forrestbot 'refresh'?


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