--- "Peter B. West" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> SVG Generator can be added to an environment in
> which Java 2D graphics 
> are already being produced, using the same
> instructions which are used 
> on a Graphics2D object.  The SVGGraphics2D object is
> used instead, and 
> the same graphical operations are rendered in SVG. 
> Substitute PDF for SVG.

I think I see what you're mentioning.  One issue is
that an "SVG Document" really just translates to a
"PDF *Page*"--and we still have the issue of forward
references and perhaps others that SVG doesn't have to
be concerned with.

[Speaking of which, for references such as "Page 1 OF
X", which ordinarily require all X pages to be
generated before the first page can be rendered--I'd
like to think of a way in which placeholders can be
placed in the output document, regardless whether
PDF/PS, etc., for a final filling in of the last page
number later.  FOP does not do this currently in HEAD,
and IIC in maintenance either.  I think we need an
ability to set and resolve placeholders (when the
document is finished) within the Renderers--i.e.,
expand the Renderer interface to provide for this.  Is
this doable?  Will it still be doable if we adopt your

There may be an issue with efficiency here as
well--I'm  unsure if the graphical method is the most
efficient way of writing out text data.  (PDF is like
RTF, internally human-readable text.) 

AWT and PDF can share the same rendering model--they 
do in 0.20.5--but there are also some differences. 
The AWT viewer is "re-entrant", i.e., the user can
change the source in a text editor and press Refresh
in the AWT viewer to see the changes.  OTOH, the PDF
and other renderers just finish when the document is
done.  Also, IIRC, AWT does a page-by-page rendering
as the user changes the page on the screen.  PDF
doesn't--the whole document is returned at once.  (The
above may not have any relevance to what you're
proposing, but I'm mentioning it just in case.)

> It so happens that the availability of such a
> substitution would be of 
> great use to me, because I am constructing the
> layout in Java 2D terms, 
> so that I can get it working with minimum agony.

Yes, but a PDFGraphics2D will take some time to
develop.  I'm still with FO objects and layout.  We
can keep this open as an idea, at least.


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