Victor Mote wrote:
Glen Mazza wrote:

The FO input
cannot be fully
realised with a complete resolution of the properties,

which in turn

relies on layout.  (Old argument, I know.)

Well, you should have taken the time to refer people to places in the spec [1] which supported your
position-- maybe these arguments could have been avoided.


Are you guys referring to me? My last word on the subject is here:
and it has never been answered by Peter or Glen or anyone else.


I can't speak for Glen, but I wasn't referring to you. HEAD does not perform the sort of control-splicing between FO tree creation and area tree creation that is implied in the Recommendation as quoted. That's the "old argument".

It is no longer a concern of mine that FOP has returned to a monolithic
design, but I think it is a bit unfair to the new developers to imply that
the XSL-FO standard mandates such a design, at least with the reasoning that
has been offered so far.

Lest there be any doubt in the minds of new developers, the first sentence of 3.1 Conceptual Procedure (from which I quoted) is, "This subsection contains a conceptual description of how formatting could work. This conceptual procedure does not mandate any particular algorithms or data structures as long as the result obeys the implied constraints." The reason I want to follow the model proposed is that I think it is the best way to go.

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