We have it already (to a certain extent)....unless I fail to see the
point. We have:

Of course, it will take some more time to mature but the most important
parts are there.

I have even added support for multi-page generation in
AbstractPSDocumentGraphics2D. Will be easy to add to

At one point I did a proof-of-concept (not committed) to use the three
classes above to create additional output formats for JPS (Java Printing

One downside I see by using the Graphics2D exclusively is that you will
(probably) lose the ability to pass through in-stream objects (JPEGs and
SVGs) as-is to the target format. A JPEG will be decoded into a
BufferedImage, an SVG will be rendered to a Graphics2D and reencoded as
SVG, EPS might not make it into a PS file as-is anymore unless we create
a PostScript interpreter (still on my very-long-term wish-list).

You guys might want to talk to Hansueli Anderegg who's a fan of the
exclusive Java2D approach AFAICS. I'd personally prefer to leave the PDF
and PS renderer intact in HEAD for now. No problem with creating a
second path and then seeing which is best.

On 12.06.2004 13:52:14 Glen Mazza wrote:
> > It so happens that the availability of such a
> > substitution would be of 
> > great use to me, because I am constructing the
> > layout in Java 2D terms, 
> > so that I can get it working with minimum agony.
> Yes, but a PDFGraphics2D will take some time to
> develop.  I'm still with FO objects and layout.  We
> can keep this open as an idea, at least.

Jeremias Maerki

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