--- Simon Pepping <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Subversion has strong migration utilities from CVS.
> I migrated some of
> my own projects without problems. Addmittedly they
> are small. By now
> the ASF must have collected much experience with
> such migrations.

I think it's just been a few projects right now.  I've
only heard Forrest switching ATM.

Hopefully, there will be no "heavy lifting" needed for
a switch though--we can just give Infrastructure the
word to switch and it's done.

> CVS is the work horse of Open Source. I think it is
> a good thing to
> take part in its innovation in the form of
> Subversion.

Apparently so...I checked the cvshome.org site and
they even have advertisements for SVN (lower left
corner) on their home page.
> I am in favour of moving to Subversion at some time
> in the not too
> distant future.

Noted again.  These endorsements do help in deciding
whether to switch.  6-9 months (my previous guess) is
probably too much time, but let's wait about three or
four and see what happens.  (It's not just SVN, maybe
the new servers they have for it are clunky, etc. 
Time is good for these things to iron out.)  If only
two or three are switching, I would be leery against
it. If it's half of Apache by then, let's do so. 


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