Clay, Glen, et al,

I'm thinking of moving FAD development to SourceForge. My differences in approach are much more significant than Victor's, so much so that I have nothing to contribute to the discussions about details of implementation in HEAD. Like Victor, I retain an interest in seeing my ideas incorporated into FOP, and it seems that Victor's move may have opened much clearer channels of communication, without muddying the waters day-to-day.

Jeremias' ideas about factoring out useful stand-alone elements from the combination of FOP and Batik are essential to the direction I am taking with layout and rendering, aside from being a Good Thing in their own right. That interest motivated my nomination for the PMC, but disguised the underlying differences concerning FOP. However, the primary business of the XML Graphics PMC, for the immediate future, will be the development of HEAD in FOP, and while I am thinking about moving, it doesn't seem to me to be appropriate to be on the PMC.


Clay Leeds wrote:
Glen is not alone in his expression of that sentiment. I too think that was an unfortunate decision, and I suspect that others share it as well. Perhaps it *might* help me and others understand why you've made this decision (then again, it might not--we might still think it's an unfortunate decision... ;-)).

-- Peter B. West <>

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