Peter B. West said:
> Clay, Glen, et al,
> I'm thinking of moving FAD development to SourceForge.  My differences
> in approach are much more significant than Victor's, so much so that I
> have nothing to contribute to the discussions about details of
> implementation in HEAD.  Like Victor, I retain an interest in seeing my
> ideas incorporated into FOP, and it seems that Victor's move may have
> opened much clearer channels of communication, without muddying the
> waters day-to-day.
> Jeremias' ideas about factoring out useful stand-alone elements from the
> combination of FOP and Batik are essential to the direction I am taking
> with layout and rendering, aside from being a Good Thing in their own
> right.  That interest motivated my nomination for the PMC, but disguised
> the underlying differences concerning FOP.  However, the primary
> business of the XML Graphics PMC, for the immediate future, will be the
> development of HEAD in FOP, and while I am thinking about moving, it
> doesn't seem to me to be appropriate to be on the PMC.
> Peter
> Clay Leeds wrote:
>> Glen is not alone in his expression of that sentiment. I too think that
>> was an unfortunate decision, and I suspect that others share it as well.
>> Perhaps it *might* help me and others understand why you've made this
>> decision (then again, it might not--we might still think it's an
>> unfortunate decision... ;-)).
> --
> Peter B. West <>

Thanks for taking the time to make this clearer. I guess I would have to
say It Makes Absolutely Some Sense Whatsoever(tm). Just the same, I
certainly hope to hear your eloquent, knowledgeable voice chime into the

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