On Jul 25, 2004, at 11:43 AM, Simon Pepping wrote:
I am preparing my documentation for check-in into the repository. What
would be a suitable place. A directory in
src/documentation/content/xdocs? Would that be in the way of the
forrest build of the web site?

Regards, Simon

I've been thinking about that, and I think FOP needs to add a new 'Documentation' tab, like the structure for the Forrest[1] documentation[2]. I would probably move much of the content under "Using FOP" under this other tab (although we could still maintain links from the Home Page if desired, and use a similar navigation structure to what's currently in place).

As I understand it, you're primarily doing documentation that is more developer and/or embedded oriented, which is one of the reasons why I would want to have a new 'Documentation' tab.

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