Glen Mazza wrote:

While I'm implementing the validateChildNode()
methods, I would also like to work on removing the
AddLMVisitor visitor pattern[1], and revert to our
previous method of having the FO's themselves setup
the LayoutManagers via addLayoutManager(). (See here
[2][3][4] for examples of the previous way of a year

I would consider that a small step backwards because I liked the seperation between the FO tree and the LM tree. But I have no great love for the AddLMVisitor so I wouldn't mind at all if it disappeared.

But instead of putting all the LM strategy code into the FO tree classes, I would suggest that the creation of the LM tree are done with a "LayoutManagerMapping" and a series of "Maker" classes, one for each FO class.

I'll upload a patch to demonstrate the idea.


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