Glen Mazza wrote:

I still prefer my solution.

Ok, but please consider that it will then become somewhat more difficult to add an alternative layout subsystem.

Right now I just have to replace AddLMVisitor (and the XXXLayoutManager classes). As far as I understand your proposal, I would have to replace FOElementMapping and subclass the FO tree classes in order to plug in a new set of XXXLayoutManager classes.

I'm all for simpler code, as long as it does eliminate too many of the features that I use <wink>.

BTW, thanks again for dropping the HEAD code base from
900 to 600 classes and getting rid of all that
autogenerated code.  You have definitely made FOP more
accessible to the "programming masses"!

Curiously, that was never my goal. I just wanted to reduce the amount of mailing list discussions on the topic of generated code.


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