Victor Mote wrote:
FOP Devs:

I checked in with Chris Bowditch recently to see how his foray work was
coming, and he indicated that he has not had, and probably will not have in
the near future, enough time to complete the evaluation and make a
recommendation to you.

Victor is right, I dont have the time to integrate FORay into FOP at the moment.

Does anyone else wish to take up this project? It would seem to me to involve the following: 1. Determine whether the idea of FOP and foray working together is a workable idea from FOP's standpoint. If not, stop. 2. Do some alpha testing of documents to see whether foray works. 3. Consider whether the API is suitable, and likely to be robust enough for future expansion. 4. Determine whether FOP developers will do a 0.21 release out of maintenance branch code. If not, skip to step 7. 5. Apply the fop-maint piece of foray as a large patch to the maintenance branch. 6. Start into a release cycle. 7. Consider applying the foray API to FOP's trunk.

I think most of these should be pretty trivial except #7.

foray's current status is here:

Victor has done some extremely good work on the font side of things. I think it would be very beneficial if we could integrate his work into FOP's HEAD. The ability to read the metrics on the fly would be a massive improvement on the current font system in HEAD. It would be a great shame if this work was ignored.


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