Jeremias Maerki wrote:

> silence from my part is simply because I don't have time. 
> It's not that I'm not interested. I'm fighting on too many 
> fronts and have to prioritize. Your first mail in this thread 
> is still marked unread in my mail folder so I keep it on the 
> todo list.

I understand the time and priority issues all too well. The flip side of
this is that my time is worth something too (really), and my priorities are
important (at least to me). No one is more surprised or sorry than I that we
have been unable to find a way to work together. It seems to be impossible.
But I have said too much on this subject already. 

> What I hope is that you will continue to inform us of any 
> important developments on your side, that you also continue 

I don't mind doing this if there are no objections to it. I have no wish to
intrude or distract.

> to keep an eye on the upcoming XML Graphics project (when 
> it's finally looked at by the Board).

To be honest, I must have missed some of the key parts of the conversation
surrounding that project, and I don't really understand what is its purpose,
except that it seems to be an attempt to factor out some code that is common
to both FOP and Batik. If FOray's work is helpful along those lines, I'm
glad for it, and I'll help in any reasonable way that I can.

> I'll try to monitor what goes on in your project. Let's just 
> not drift apart to far that we can't converge again if, one 
> day, we see a possibility to join forces again.

FOP and FOray seem to have radically different and incompatible principles,
so convergence will probably depend on one or both of us changing
principles. Out of the 18 months I worked on FOP, the most productive half
of it was entirely wasted, and I have no intention of making that mistake
again. I've gotten 10 times as much productive work done in the last four
months as I did in my entire time working on FOP, and I'm having 100 times
as much fun. It's a little hard to imagine what might induce me to give that
up. Nevertheless, I'll watch with you to see if that possibility presents

Victor Mote

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