Hi Victor.

On 08.09.2004 23:34:24 Victor Mote wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > What I hope is that you will continue to inform us of any 
> > important developments on your side, that you also continue 
> I don't mind doing this if there are no objections to it. I have no wish to
> intrude or distract.

I don't think this is a problem. On the other side it may even be a good
thing to be able to exchange experiences and discuss issues (other than
design question I guess) that matter to all FO implementations. I hope
that, where easily possible, duplication of effort is avoided.

> > to keep an eye on the upcoming XML Graphics project (when 
> > it's finally looked at by the Board).
> To be honest, I must have missed some of the key parts of the conversation
> surrounding that project, and I don't really understand what is its purpose,
> except that it seems to be an attempt to factor out some code that is common
> to both FOP and Batik. If FOray's work is helpful along those lines, I'm
> glad for it, and I'll help in any reasonable way that I can.

The factoring out of common code and components is just part of my ideas
for the new project. It seems that there's a certain level of support
for that. The main goal of the XML Graphics PMC, however, is to split up
the Apache XML project to comply with the board's request to improve
oversight and legal protection for projects at the ASF.

> > I'll try to monitor what goes on in your project. Let's just 
> > not drift apart to far that we can't converge again if, one 
> > day, we see a possibility to join forces again.
> FOP and FOray seem to have radically different and incompatible principles,
> so convergence will probably depend on one or both of us changing
> principles. Out of the 18 months I worked on FOP, the most productive half
> of it was entirely wasted, and I have no intention of making that mistake
> again. I've gotten 10 times as much productive work done in the last four
> months as I did in my entire time working on FOP, and I'm having 100 times
> as much fun. It's a little hard to imagine what might induce me to give that
> up. Nevertheless, I'll watch with you to see if that possibility presents
> itself.

I see that and I can only repeat myself: I realize that there are
radically different opinions on how the design for an FO layout engine
should look like but that there are no such disputes in the
infrastructure components. That's where I see possibilities to work
together without running into lengthy and unproductive discussions
because of different viewpoints. But let me take care of the transition
to the XML Graphics project first, and then we'll see if we can figure
out how we can work together on certain items.

Jeremias Maerki

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