Townsend, Pete wrote:

Dear fop-dev,

The AFP renderer has now been added to sourceforge and a release is available for download
compatible with FOP 0.20.5, please could you close the patch on bugzilla
31213 (or direct them to the above link) so that people don't get hold of an
out of date version. If Web Maestro Clay could add a link to the sourceforge
site that would be great, and perhaps publicise to your user mailing list?

There is some basic documentation which I'll continue to enhance, and I plan
to migrate to the latest release when available. At that point I'll be in
contact again to see if you wish to take the renderer in house.

Hi Pete,

thanks very much for preparing this. It is likely that I will be asked by company to integrate this into the maintenance code at some point. I would prefer to integrate it into the development branch, but I have to do want my company tells me!

Thanks once again,


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