No, it hasn't been made yet.  I don't see much point in announcing it
until I have a more substantial framework.  The other developers are
guys who have expressed an interest, but haven't actually become
involved yet, so it's all pretty new.  I've just set up a blog at, but have not had time to bring
the alt-design documentation across.  NetBeans 4.0beta is still pretty
raw, but apart from the evaluation version of JBuilder 2005, it's the
only freebie that supports 1.5, so I'm running off CVS versions of that
for now.

I've mentioned Defoe to Jeremias and to JÃrg in passing during other
conversations.  I don't want to be seen to be distracting Foppers, but
it looks as though it's time to let the dev list know.

You're doing fabulous work on FOP, btw.  I'm jealous of your talent.


Finn Bock wrote:
Hi Peter,

Did I miss the announcement?


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