--- Clay Leeds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Speaking for myself, I want to be clear that I (and
> I assume others) 
> feel very fortunate to have had the benefit of the
> work of Peter B. 
> West on the alt.design portion of FOP. With the
> possibility of Peter 
> moving on to work with Defoe, I just wanted to thank
> you personally, 
> Peter, for your hard work and always welcome (IMHO)
> contributions.

Me too.  Remember, I nominated and voted for Peter
West for XML Graphics chair.  I thought he would have
represented XML Graphics quite well.

I do want to reduce the number of pages on our website
though--making it smaller will facilitate getting it
translated into Japanese.  (Tokyo-based AntennaHouse
already has an extensive Japanese language site.) 
It's too early now, but I'm looking forward to a
translated site of our own.


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