I think it would be helpful for you both to include an 'examples' section on your site to display the fruits of your labor (w links to the FOs that generated them!).

On Oct 29, 2004, at 5:02 AM, Victor Mote wrote:
Peter B. West wrote:

I've started a blog as a diary of Defoe development and, at
the moment, my learning experiences with Java 5.0, especially
Typesafe Enums and Generics.  If you drop in there from time
to time, you can see what I am up to.  Have you considered
one for FOray?

I actually spent some time on your blog yesterday, and I think it is
probably useful for the kind of work that you are doing. My work is much
more mundane, and, between commit logs and project documentation and
announcements, a blog would be pretty redundant for me (although the commit
log will be more useful when we are using Subversion). Probably the closest
thing to a blog that I have is:

I haven't really craved the 5.0 features yet, but did finally decide a few
days ago to use 1.4 as a minimum, primarily to eliminate preprocessing
(developer productivity) and to use "assert".

Victor Mote

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