On Oct 16, 2004, at 12:03 PM, Clay Leeds wrote:
My intention is to bring xml-fop up-to-date next week (I'll be out of town this weekend).

Well, it didn't happen "next week" or even the week after. Getting the FOP Standards Compliance page[1] up to snuff has been, shall we say... challenging. But I've finally got content (the table of 'compliance'!) displaying.

Unfortunately, we're still not there, as the "link" portion (which serves as a veritable "Table of Contents" for the table) is not being generated yet. More importantly, the color-code system isn't working yet, either (the bgcolor is always 'white'). Also, the "Citation" links are not generated either.

These should all prove relatively simple to resolve (especially if I had some help from someone who knows how to make that portion work: are you listening Keiron, Glen or Christian ;-) wink!). Or, I could just continue plodding through the muck and see if I can figure it out.

Finally, there are a bunch of files in alt.design which don't render content. Considering the fact that alt.design may be moving on to Defoe[3], that problem may be moot (don't worry, Peter! I intend to help you get your content working... it just may not be a part of the new and improved FOP web site 'launch').

For the current state of the FOP web site, you can always point your browser to:



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