Clay Leeds wrote:

Well, it didn't happen "next week" or even the week after. Getting the FOP Standards Compliance page[1] up to snuff has been, shall we say... challenging. But I've finally got content (the table of 'compliance'!) displaying.

Unfortunately, we're still not there, as the "link" portion (which serves as a veritable "Table of Contents" for the table) is not being generated yet. More importantly, the color-code system isn't working yet, either (the bgcolor is always 'white'). Also, the "Citation" links are not generated either.

These should all prove relatively simple to resolve (especially if I had some help from someone who knows how to make that portion work: are you listening Keiron, Glen or Christian ;-) wink!). Or, I could just continue plodding through the muck and see if I can figure it out.

The compliance page is quite difficult to understand, IIRC one needs to be fairly knowledgable about Cocoon sitemaps. But I last looked at it before I was a committer. I don't think the colors/sorting by compliance level are that important, however. The XSL spec lists each FO (and property, I believe) in terms of one of three "compliance levels"--but we don't need to duplicate that information on this page anymore. I think most people go to this page to determine if property X or formatting object Y is available, regardless of its listed compliance level in the specification.

[BTW, If you can change to the bright red color for the mouse-hover like the Web Services TLP has that would be nice.]

One thing perhaps we should change sometime, is to remove/replace our leading graphic on our home page [1]. For a newbie to XSL, it looks silly: "See with FOP, you need to create 75 lines of XSL in order to get one line of output!" Hopefully we will have something better to replace it with in the future.



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