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Clay Leeds wrote:

On a related note, IIRC I wanted to change the color scheme to Red - Amber - Green (stop light analogy: No - Partial - Full compliance--I'm aware of the argument about something either being compliant or it's not ;-))

That's fine -- just keep in mind though that one limitation of this page,
not reasonably fixable, is that compliance is ultimately a renderer-specific
issue (i.e., the results of some properties and FO's may be implemented in
some render-types but not yet in others.) So you may not want to go
overboard on this page, as there is already an overall limitation to its
accuracy. Still, this page has been a useful source of information for our
users, possibly our most-viewed page.

That 'sounds' like something that could be put in the Notes column.

[BTW, If you can change to the bright red color for the mouse-hover
like the Web Services TLP has that would be nice.]

Try it now:


It's not 'bright' red (it's dark red - #660000), but I think the
contrast is subtle without being brash. Would you prefer #ff0000?

Either are fine for me. I don't have much experience with web site design,
so I'll defer to you on these matters.


Okey doke!

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