Thanks for the input--with three people recommending the book here and 5 out
of 5 reviewers giving it five stars on Amazon, I went ahead and ordered it
last night.


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> Glen Mazza wrote:
> > [BTW, I'm considering getting that Digital Typography
> > book by Knuth you had mentioned earlier.  Do you
> > recommend it?  (I was thinking that given all the time
> > I spend on FOP I should start looking a little more at
> > the scientific aspects of this work.)]
> I think it's very interesting.
> It is a collection of essays on various topics, and besides the one about
> line breaking (with fabulous features like paragraphs with different sized
> lines ...) there is one about bidirectional text, one about fonts ...
> It is surely an authoritative source on such matters.
> Regards,
>     Luca

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