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> > which is then supposed to be rendered as two very
> > large letters 'A' and 'B' with, for example, a story
> > in very small letters in between.
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> The layout you describe can be achieved using an inline-container, I
> believe.

Yes! Of course. To be honest, I thought of this example only when I was just
about done typing up the message with the thought that the XSL-FO Rec was
IMHO making a conceptual error in allowing block-level elements nested
inside inlines, but...

> I believe the above is in fact a common layout pattern. It describes a
> displayed equation in the middle of a paragraph. The second example
> adds some layout characteristics, like specifying a different color,
> font size, etc.

... to accommodate this, would indeed seem to be exactly *the* reason *why*
it was allowed in the first place.



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