This is possibly a question for Finn, but if anyone knows: In our Constants.java [1], we don't have an property enumeration constant for "inherit". (Go here [2], and search on "inherit", you will see it listed in the Value: section for multiple properties.) Is there any reason why we don't need it, or did we just forget to add it to our Constants.java?

It isn't needed as an enum value because the 'inherit' keyword takes precedence over the other enumeration values. See 5.9.11:

"The Keyword values take precedence over EnumerationToken."

where Keyword is 'inherit'. The code to handle 'inherit' is at line 397


OTOH the code to deal with 'inherit' and the other enum values needs some changes to deal with optional white-space, so perhaps the parsing of enums should be passed to the PropertyParser and the 'inherit' test should be placed after the call to PropertyParser.parse(). In that case a INHERIT constant would be needed.


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