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Subject: Re: Do we need an "inherit" enumeration constant?

> [Glen]
> > This is possibly a question for Finn, but if anyone knows:  In our
> > Constants.java [1], we don't have an property enumeration constant for
> > "inherit".  (Go here [2], and search on "inherit", you will see it
> > listed in the Value: section for multiple properties.)  Is there any
> > reason why we don't need it, or did we just forget to add it to our
> > Constants.java?
> It isn't needed as an enum value because the 'inherit' keyword takes
> precedence over the other enumeration values. See 5.9.11:
> "The Keyword values take precedence over EnumerationToken."
> where Keyword is 'inherit'. The code to handle 'inherit' is at line 397
> OTOH the code to deal with 'inherit' and the other enum values needs
> some changes to deal with optional white-space, so perhaps the parsing
> of enums should be passed to the PropertyParser and the 'inherit' test
> should be placed after the call to PropertyParser.parse(). In that case
> a INHERIT constant would be needed.
> regards,
> finn

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