I'm noticing a lot of .zips and .bak backup files in our cvs directories [1] -- this seems unnecessary and a bit messy for a version control system, as everyone who "cvs checkout"s or "cvs updates" is now downloading these files. Instead of zip files, usually the solution is just to "cvs remove" the files -- they will automatically go into the cvs attic as a result (they are not actually deleted -- ViewCVS lists them as "dead" but they are always still retrievable.)

For backup files, we can always go to older versions by clicking on the first column in ViewCVS ([2], for an example version list). So I don't think we have a need for creating any ".bak" files either. If there is a message you wish to store with a particular version before moving forward, just make a *very* minor change to the file (say, move a character or add a blank line), and add your comment when you cvs commit.

Can we get these zip's and bak's removed? Just "cvs remove" them -- get them in the attic so people aren't downloading them on a cvs checkout.

BTW -- thanks *very* much for taking care of the alt-design tab, I greatly appreciate the effort in simplifying our site.



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