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> > On a similar note, I am 'contemplating' committing
> > the xml-fop/build/ folder ('built' by apache-forrest-0.6).
> > My reasoning for this is two-fold:
> > 1. it contains the FOP web site (which I've spent
> >    a significant amount of time to re-create).

Hmm... since we already offer the source XML for generating the
website --correct?--, wouldn't it be sufficient to point those interested to
Forrest if they want to build the documentation locally? (Maybe even provide
an Ant build-target, of course depending on the presence of Apache Forrest
in the target environment... analogous to the 'javadoc' target)

Those who do not want to take the time, or are unwilling to learn to use
Forrest can still admire the site in all its glory online.

Just a thought.



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