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> On Nov 24, 2004, at 11:52 AM, The Web Maestro wrote:
> > On a similar note, I am 'contemplating' committing
> the xml-fop/build/ 
> > folder ('built' by apache-forrest-0.6). My
> reasoning for this is 
> > two-fold:
> > 1. it contains the FOP web site (which I've spent
> a significant amount 
> > of time to re-create).
> > 2. it can serve as off-line of documentation (for
> those installations 
> > not connected to the internet).
> >
> > We may not need to do this since it *is* on
> minotaur.apache.org...
> I meant to ask FOP-DEV... what are your thoughts on
> xml-fop's Forrest-generated build/ directory
> structure?

For #1) Wouldn't we have to keep doing that whenever a
change is made to the website as a result?  I'm
concerned with it falling out of sync with the
production website.

Also, the output on minotaur should be viewable via
ViewCVS anyway, correct?  (We were doing manual
updates to the website to fix the breadcrumb issue--we
went through ViewCVS to find the correct pages to
update IIRC.)  

For #2) Oh ye of little faith! ;) Aren't we eventually
going to have a full-site PDF anyway?  Then
non-internet installations can just save a copy of the
PDF locally after they download the software.  (I
guess they have to be connected at some time to the
'Net though...)  Perhaps saving the full site PDF once
we get it may be more efficient.


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