it's ok if you make other people aware of your project but the way you
did that in your last post disturbs me. We know that you disagree with
FOP's approach, but I would have preferred a more constructive form of
making Mark aware of Defoe. Maybe I'm overreacting...

On 17.01.2005 06:01:27 Peter B. West wrote:
> Mark,
> Project Defoe <>, formerly Fop alt-design, 
> is focussed on a Java 2D renderer, robust and complete.  By complete I 
> mean, in particular, able to correctly handle last-page, keeps, table 
> auto-layout and large files.  Don't make the mistake of thinking that, 
> because FOP has been around for a long time, it is only the place to be 
> for open source XSL-FO development.  Rather, ask why, if it has been 
> around for such a long time, these problems haven't been solved.  Don't 
> make the mistake of thinking that all software problems are solved by 
> simply applying more resources.
> Having said that, let me add that the project seems to have found its 
> shepherd, in the form of Finn Bock.  Many of the long-standing 
> innovations of alt-design in the property handling have at last been 
> introduced by Finn, who has the happy knack of being able to completely 
> rewrite large chunks of FOP by applying a wide-ranging but complete set 
> of changes.  He may well solve FOP's remaining critical problems in the 
> same way.
> The point is, that FOP needs a major design overhaul.  I'm doing that at 
> Defoe, and Finn is doing it, piecemeal, at FOP.  His focus though is not 
> on Java 2D, and getting a "complete and robust" implementation of the 2D 
> renderer will depend on Finn's new design.  If you want to know more 
> about where FOP is headed, ask Finn.
> Defoe is Java 5.0 based.  If that doesn't work for you, don't bother 
> with Defoe.  Otherwise, if you are interested in avenues for your XSL-FO 
> development efforts, I am happy to talk to you.

Jeremias Maerki

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