I'd like to join the fop development group. I've been an xsl/fop user for the last year or so (generating PDF), but several new projects I'm proposing have a need for a robust and complete awt renderer, and I'd like to devote some time to ensuring this happens. I have a little bit of time in the near term to commit to the project, and I hope much more time starting in the April time frame. I'd like to use the next 2 months to come up to speed, then dive in to serious work when more time is available.

I need some advice. I've learned enough about xsl and fop to get my job done, but there are lots of holes in my knowledge base. I'd like to spend a little bit of time carefully reading the XSL spec. Should I read the XSL V1.1 working draft (in anticipation of things to come), or should I stick with the V1.0 recommendation (which I assume is what the new version of fop will implement).

Do the development and design documents that are available on-line relate to the root/trunk/redesign version, or do they still describe the maintenance branch?

Is there a development schedule or a prioritized list of features to be implemented?

Is anybody else actively working on the awt rendered for the next release?

Since this is my first foray into open-source development, any and all advice is welcome.

Thanks - Mark Brucks

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