Do you disagree with the assessment? Clearly people might, but I didn't say anything I don't believe is the truth about the state of FOP. If it is true, isn't it fair to let newcomers know the state of play? Finn has already talked about a radically different approach in order to solve the large files problem, and I'm sure he will present you with a swag of patches to do just that at some time in the future. I just hope he doesn't do it so soon as to render Defoe moot. One of its underlying features will be what is effectively a stream parsing mechanism. It's acceptance, which I take to be a fait accompli, there being no other design contenders, will be particularly galling for me, in light of the the blanket refusal to consider it when I proposed it, as I still do.

I think I have earned the right to speak my mind on these issues.


Jeremias Maerki wrote:

it's ok if you make other people aware of your project but the way you
did that in your last post disturbs me. We know that you disagree with
FOP's approach, but I would have preferred a more constructive form of
making Mark aware of Defoe. Maybe I'm overreacting...

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